GB USB Smart Card 64M

GB USB Smart Card 64M
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GB USB smart card 64M


  • Playable on a GB, GBC, GBP, GBA and SP
  • Supports roms for GB and GBC
  • Back up sav files to PC
  • Back up ROMS to a computer
  • Works with LSDJ the rom. This allows you to make chiptunes and music. The rom can be bought from


  • Only 2 games can be stored on the cart at one time and 1 sav file.
  • Do not connect the USB and flash games onto the GB USB smart card, when inserted into a GB.

We made a video unboxing the smart card and showing some of the features.

If anyone is having troubles installing the drivers on Windows Vista and 7 64 bit operating systems. Here is a video made by us that you can use to help you install them.

Alternatively you can use an Android mobile phone, or tablet. As described in this video. There is no need to install drivers with this method.

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