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This category consists of different product demonstration articles and videos. This category consists of different product demonstration articles and videos. 


Everdrive NES Review And Product Features

Krikzz the manufacturer of the Everdrive series of flash carts released the Everdrive N8 NES version in May 2013. It is a flash cart for the NES that lets you play roms directly on your console without using an emulator. This means the game play is exactly the same as it would be when playing the real physical games. There is no need to worry about added lag, missing pixels, incorrect colours, high pitch music or any other problems that emulators sometimes have, because this uses the real hardware.This is the exact same cart as the Famicom version of the Everdrive N8 that was release...

Super UFO Pro 8 Review

The Super UFO Pro 8 is a flash cart for the Super Nintendo System. It is similar to one of the older game copiers from the 90s like the game doctor SF and the UFO super drive except the Super UFO Pro 8 allows you to back up your SNES games to an SD card instead of a floppy disk. It is the size of a standard game and uses the power from the console to run it so you don't need to buy another power cable to get it to work unlike the older ones. The menu and music is in the same style as the original SNES flash carts.  The main options on the menu are to either play a game from an SD ...

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