What Are Reward Points?

Customers are rewarded Reward Points for shopping with Retrotowers.

What Are Reward Points?

Reward points can be used to either buy products, or be used to reduce the total price of a product.

How Do I Get Reward Points?

When ordering a product worth £1 you will receive 10Points.

If you sign up for an account you will receive 100Points.

If you sign up the newsletter you will receive 500Points.

How do I use Points?

Add the product you wish to purchase to the cart, then view the cart and choose the option "Use Reward Points" and then type the amount of your Points you wish to spend.

How much are Points worth?

1Point = £0.001

10Points = £0.01

100Points = £0.10

1,000Points = £1.00

10,000Points = £10.00

Do Reward Points Expire?

Yes Points expire 18 months after recieving them.

Can I exchange Points for money?

No, the only way to use Points is for purchasing items from Retro Towers.