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How To Set Up The EMS GB USB Smart Card With 64 Bit Computers Windows 7 And Above

So you have a GB USB Smart card, but have no idea how to get games onto it? Well you have come to the right webpage, because here is the full tutorial on how to do just that.                                                                 This cart doesn't work like other fl...

[Event] RetroCollect's Video Game Market

RetroCollect are organising the first and biggest Video Game Market ever to be held in the United Kingdom. Retro Towers will be selling products there. Come and meet us at the RetroCollect's Video Game Market on the 15th of March 2014.This year the team behind RetroCollect have organised the first Retro Video Game Market in the United Kingdom. There will be around 20 stalls including Retro Towers. All the stalls will be selling retro games and retro gaming related equipment. We will be selling all the products that are in stock at the time of the event.  For more ...

Game Gear Screen Fix And Sound Fix

Today a lot of Gamegears have problems with the screen and sound, but this game gear screen fix and sound fix will allow your game gear to be working just like it used to.  Examples of some of the problems that can be fixed include the ghost lines, dim screen, screen only visible when looking from a sharp angle, Game Gear turning off and quiet or no sound from the speakers. What you needThese problems can all be solved with a Game Gear capacitor replacement kit a Cross wing screwdriver, a 4.5mm gamebit a soldering iron, a desolder pump, pliers and some solder. You will also need...

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