Super UFO Pro 8 Review

The Super UFO Pro 8 is a flash cart for the Super Nintendo System. It is similar to one of the older game copiers from the 90s like the game doctor SF and the UFO super drive except the Super UFO Pro 8 allows you to back up your SNES games to an SD card instead of a floppy disk.

It is the size of a standard game and uses the power from the console to run it so you don't need to buy another power cable to get it to work unlike the older ones. The menu and music is in the same style as the original SNES flash carts. 

The main options on the menu are to either play a game from an SD card, DRAM or from the Cart connector on top of the device. There are other options like being able to rip games directly from your physical Super Nintendo game collection and store them on an SD card. These functions work well without problems.

Unfortunately there are some other features that the manufacturer claims will work, but either doesn't at all or works with some games and not others. These features include the saving and loading states function, the ability to hijack special chips from games to use to play certain games on an SD card, the Micro USB port, and the slowing down gameplay option. 

It is far from being the best SNES flash cart on the market, but if you just need a reasonably low priced flash cart that doesn't use the special chips, then this is all you need. 

The Super UFO PRO 8 can be purchased here.  

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