Everdrive MD V3 (PCB) Circuit Board

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The Everdrive-MD V3 (cartridge form) With shell is a flash cart for the Sega Megadrive / Genesis.

As a lot of you already know there have been quite a few megadrive and master system games that have stopped working over the years. This is incredibly annoying when this happens and up until now there haven't been many alternatives other than emulation. The Everdrive MD V3 allows you to place roms and rom hacks onto and SD card and then play it on your Megadrive.

Note: This version only includes the PCB board so you have to be extra careful to not spill any liquid on it. You can take apart one of your Megadrive games and use it as a shell for the everdrive or you can buy an Everdrive-MD in cartridge form from our website.


  • The majority of SEGA megadrive/genesis game are supported
  • The majority of SEGA master system games are supported
  • 32x games are supported
  • Save ram data can be stored or loaded from an SD card
  • Supports SD/MMC cards up to 32GB
  • FAT16 & FAT32 supported
  • Flashed game will stay in memory after power off. so no need to choice and reflash game after each reset or power off
  • Connection to PC and any additional software/drivers is not required
  • GameGenie codes are supported.
  • CD bios loading

Note: In order to play 32x games you must own the 32x addon.

Note: You will need to unzip roms and only certain formats will work like .bin, .gen, .sms and some others.

Video on how to set it up

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