The Ultimate Mega Everdrive Set Up Instructions

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The Ultimate Mega Everdrive Set Up Instructions', 'The Ultimate Mega Everdrive Set Up Instructions - Do you want to know everything that your Mega Everdrive can do? This tutorial will help you find that out!

Setting up the Mega Everdrive

  1. Download the latest Operating System (OS) from and open the zip file and put the folder MEGA on the root of your SD card.


To get ROMS you can either use a Retrode 2 and rip the Genesis, or Mega Drive games onto a Computer and then copy the files to an SD card. We have some Retrodes for sale in the shop section of Retro Towers.

Or you can download Public Domain ROMS, but please note a lot of public domain ROMS don''t work with flash carts.

We do not offer support for getting ROMS that you don''t own physical games for.



What the buttons do!

When using the Everdrive OS

Start  button: Plays the last game loaded from the Mega Everdrive.

A button: Loads, opens a folder, or starts playing a game.

B button: Goes back a level, or cancels the loading of a game.

C button: Loads the main menu.

Navigate through the menu with the up and down D-pad keys, to go up and down the menu. Use the right and left D pad keys to go back and forward through pages.

If you have a lot of ROM files, then to make it easier to navigate. You can make folders when the SD card is plugged into a PC, Mac or Linux.


Saving the game

When saving the game, make sure to push the Reset button on your console. To write the save to the SD card.


Main Menu


Game Region: Change this to whichever region ROM you want to play

Megakey state:  Turn this feature on or off. On is recommended, as it allows games from other regions to run on the Mega Everdrive.

In-Game Menu: Turn this feature on or off. On allows you to save and load states (snapshot saves) on some games.

Mapper: Changes game type

Reset to game:  Changes reset button on the Mega Drive or Genesis does. It can make it reset the game being played instead of loading the OS.

Cheats: Lets you type in Game Genie, or Pro Action Replay cheat codes.

Run CD: Runs the Sega CD BIOS.

System Info: Gives you some information about the hardware


When playing a Game

All the controls are exactly as they would be, if you were using the real cartridge.

The button on top of the Mega Everdrive takes you back to the OS

Down + Start  opens the in game menu. Here you can Save state, Load state and go back to the Menu. (First the In-game Menu must be turned on in options)

Save and load States (Snapshot saves)

The Save and load State. Is when you can save the game at any point in time and load that same point. This can be useful, when playing incredibly hard games and games that don''t save normally. 


Make sure to push the reset button after saving any game, to make sure the save data gets written to the SD card.

Last update: Mar 19, 2018


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